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Comprehensive urban planning that includes participation by robust immigrant communities.


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Engaging immigrant and ethnic minority organizations in local governance

Engaging immigrant and ethnic minority parents in school buildings and education policy


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"Equity in Practice" partnership training & consultation


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Individual and class action litigation and mediation support

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Ronault LS Catalani is the second of his Manado mother and Catalan father’s four sons. Their family was expelled from Indonesia, asylumed by the Netherlands, then resettled in Salem. His daughter Dr. Caricia EC Veneziale Catalani teaches at UC Berkeley and practices public health in India, Cambodia, and Kenya; son Edan S.O. Catalani paints and exhibits in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Portland. 

Polo’s work includes immigrant and ethnic minority community integration in Oregon and Wisconsin, and political extraction out of Southeast Asia. Polo has presented child welfare, juvenile justice, and cross-cultural problem solving, papers at state, regional, and naational conferences. He was recently invited to NY Mayor Bloomberg's First Convening of US Gateway Cities.

Polo's essays are published in The Asian Reporter, The Skanner, and The Oregonian. He authored Counter Culture, Immigrant Stories from Portland Café Counters, an urban studies text used by the Oregon Islamic Academy, Portland State University, and Warner Pacific College.


NWCommunities Counsel (formerly Community Legal Services PC) intervention efforts have been broadcast by Oregon, Wisconsin, and Minnesota Public Radio; televised on WNET Thirteen NY and WGBH Boston.  Polo has been associated as legal counsel, board director, or staff with IRCO (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization); with APANO (Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon); Colored Pencils (Colored Pencils Art & Culture Council); and 34 metro Portland MAAs (immigrant mutual assistance associations) since these vigorous civic organizations' beginnings.


Media interviews

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Photo:  POLO MODERATING CIO (Center for Intercultural Organizing) AND APANO (Asian Pacific American Network) CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATE FORUM.  Photo: Chompuntu Xuto, Moonsea Studio.