NWCommunities Services

NWCommunities Services


For policy leaders

Comprehensive urban planning that includes participation by robust immigrant communities.


For public service and education administrators

Engaging immigrant and ethnic minority organizations in local governance

Engaging immigrant and ethnic minority parents in school buildings and education policy


For immigrant and ethnic minority inclusion practitioners 

"Equity in Practice" partnership training & consultation


For state and federal civil rights litigators

Individual and class action litigation and mediation support

Plaintiff case prep and expert testimony




connect:   nwcommunitiescounsel@icloud.com

              01 (USA PST) 503.984.6310

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Recent honors for our team of community builders



   International Association of Public Participation, 2015 Core Values Award



   Harvard University, Kennedy School 2014 Innovations in Government

   First National Convening of Gateway Cities, 2012 Innovation in Community Engagement


   Oregon Bhutanese Community Organization, 2015 Community Leadership Award

   Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce, 2014 Outstanding Government Program Award

   American Association of Immigration Lawyers, 2013 Oregon Immigrant Accomplishment Award

   Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, 2013 Phyllis S. Lee Leadership Award

   Asian Reporter Foundation, 2010 Exemplary Community Organization Award

   Cambodian American Community of Oregon, 2008 President’s Award


   City of Portland, 2014 Spirit of Portland Award

   Muslim Educational Trust 2013 Community Leadership Award

   Roosevelt High School, 2013 Fighter for Civil Rights

   Know Your City, 2012 Story from Oregon’s Front Lines (comic book)

   City of Portland DEEP 2009 Diversity Champions Award