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NWCommunities Services


For policy leaders

Comprehensive urban planning that includes participation by robust immigrant communities.


For public service and education administrators

Engaging immigrant and ethnic minority organizations in local governance

Engaging immigrant and ethnic minority parents in school buildings and education policy


For immigrant and ethnic minority inclusion practitioners 

"Equity in Practice" partnership training & consultation


For state and federal civil rights litigators

Individual and class action litigation and mediation support

Plaintiff case prep and expert testimony




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We are changing.  Really, this place of so much rain and so many rivers and that grand sweep of circling North Pacific Sea, has always been changing.

This region, our confluence of native nations, of pioneering and resettling communities, and Pacific commerce: Has always changed us.  We know change. This constant change in our natural and social environments. It's in our bones.

This site offers strategies for assessing our robust region's enormous ethno-cultural versatility. And we offer practices for engaging our vigorous ethnic streams better, much better, then our staid institutions have allowed over our last shared century and a half.

Imagine the kindness and creativity this lets in. Imagine the bitterness this lets go.

Here you will find civic activists, community organizations, and public servants doing just that. Every day. Here we're about these practical people building a bigger and better Us.  

Ronault LS Catalani(Polo) polo.nwccounsel@icloud.com 




 NWCommunities Counsel is a training and consulting platform facilitated by Ronault LS Catalani (Polo), a 1983 Willamatte Uiversity College of Law grad, a 1985 Howard University Reginald Heber Smith Community Law Fellow, a 1998 Oregon Literary Arts Fellow, and a 1999 American Leadership Forum Fellow.

Before problem solving in Northwest and Midwest immigrant and ethnic minority communities, Polo was a child welfare worker. He ended that most difficult service with directing Oregon's SE Asian Family Directions Institute of the Governor's Children's Initiative for the 1990s.

Over our next 25 years, this expanding team of civic activists litigated, mediated, and mitigated, collisions in some of our region's most destructive and most instructive cross-cultural intersections. Many of these efforts made state and national media. Our team of problem-solvers and peace-makers quietly continues the work, today. Ask anyone.   








NWCommunities Counsel evolved out of Community Legal Services PC, a community law practice in Portland, Oregon and Madison, Wisconsin, and a political asylum practice out of Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand. Since Mayor Tom Potter's administration, Polo has managed City Hall's New Portlanders Programs - aligning local government's very valuable City services with our many robust ethnic stream organizations' integration strategies and programs.    



Polo is a regular contributor to several print and broadcast media, and author of Counter Culture: Immigrant Tales from Portland Cafe Counters.


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